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The mirrorless debate...

So mirrorless full frame cameras are no longer new, there are now some well performing front runners in the mirrorless category that can go head to head with the old DSLR cameras and some say that mirrorless cameras are the future!

I have been reading and watching content about this topic incessantly and I am no closer to deciding for myself in which direction that I will go. Do I stay the course on my DSLR or do I invest in the "future" and buy a mirrorless camera? My original plan is to upgrade my Nikon D810 to the D850, this investment would be half the cost of a mirrorless body and lens.

Money is the main factor, unless a charitable person donates $6k for the body and lens, I’m in savings mode. My main lens is the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 VR and I also have a 1.8/f 50mm so my glass is not as much of a deciding factor but still not small coin and also a consideration.

The second factor is the learning curve, I know this is just a matter of time but I’m complacently comfortable with my d810.

My last concerns more about functionality, can the mirrorless camera do everything that I currently use my DSLR for? I already know a few things that the mirrorless cameras can do that my D810 cannot and I am drooling.

My choice for mirrorless is the Sony A7R IV. The 61M sensor and the eye detect is what got me! I don’t need the speed or $$$$ of the a9II so the a7 family is a better fit but $3200 for a new camera body....ow

So for now I am “earning the $” while I decide. I’m getting into stock for some passive income and setting up this website and some other social media venues. I’ll drop some pictures as blog posts so stay tuned. If you want to use a pic that I post here feel free but please just drop my name for the photo credit.

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