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My First 2 Months with the Sony a7R IV

this was a great read for a review is the Sony Alpha 7R IV by Matt K Back in July, Sony announced the a7R iv and it caught everyone by surprise. Nobody expected a 61 megapixel camera, including me. Truth be told, at first I wasn’t sure I needed it. But then I used one and the reasons (for me at least) became clear. So I thought I’d write about my first couple of months with the camera. 

Who is this for?

Really quick, before we get started. This isn’t a tech review. It’s written for a Sony shooter, who wants to know if they should upgrade to an a7R iv. I won’t try to sell you on switching to Sony. If you’re like me, I want to hear about a camera from some one who shoots that brand of camera and can compare it with other models of that brand. Not some one that tries out every camera model possible, and is just going to confuse me more than when I started after the review 🙂

The Good

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